What if your photo experience was just as important as the images from the sitting?  That is exactly what Bergmann Photography aspires to deliver.  Life is a busy endeavor.  School, work, children, vacation.  Sometimes we don’t get a break, even on vacation.  We’re here to change that.

Every sitting includes as much of our time as you need to plan the perfect photo event.  We are here to help you with every aspect of your photo experience.  Let us find that perfect location for your family photos.  We can assemble your vision for styled photos and handle all the details.  Our schedule works around you, for consultation, photos, ordering and delivery of goods.

Our sessions are always fun, we have a knack for working off of each other and making the most resistant smiler grin.  Though we schedule by time, the most important part is delivering the photos you wanted.  If we cannot do this, why would you join us?

After your sitting, we get right to preparing your images.  When your ordering session comes around, you will be looking your best!  Following your order we will deliver your photos personally and even hang art if you require it.