What you’ve been missing

by John

Making photos is one of the most rewarding activities I can think of.  Each one is a moment in time, captured forever.  We humans don’t get those back.  Each second slips away from us without pause and in the end we are left with our memories.  The action of making images freezes that one moment, that one special second of your life.  I love to do just that.  To make something timeless for my clients.  Better yet, to see their faces when we deliver one of our beautiful albums or gallery collections.

The last decade or so has seen a decline in printed media, photos especially.  These wonderful pieces of technology we carry about have removed the idea of prints from our minds.  As we assessed how to serve our clients better, delivering the highest quality service was a no-brainer.  What took me by surprise was a desire to also deliver art.  Exploring this idea further, I realized the sheer number of images we have made of our family over the years…and not printed them ourselves.  I realized the relentless march of technology had robbed from us the beauty of a picture book.  I poured over stories of those who had lost their phone to ocean and therefore years worth of photos.  The client whose laptop was stolen with every photo of her young son.

Printed art is much more than an additional protection from our vulnerable technology.  The photos we hang in our homes are windows into our past.  Happy memories of adventures, vacations and loved ones.  The family album we dig out at Grandma’s house, full of silly photos of mom and dad when they were little ones.

These are the things I want to provide my clients.  I want to give you those wonderful memories to share with your family for the rest of your life.  I want to give you albums that will last for your children’s children to wonder about your summer in Yellowstone.  I want to give you frame collections which brighten your home and bring you joy when you look at them.  I want to provide gifts, cards and all the wonderment of these captured moments.

I want to give you, my client these things because you deserve it.  I don’t want you to have a flash drive fail, or a hard drive crash, or your computer stolen.  I want you to see the value in yourself that transcends technology.

The more I thought about where I could do better for my clients, I realized I had never truly served them.

That was what I’d been missing.

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